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If you are currently looking to recruit for your team and would like the relevant Consultant to contact you to talk to you about how we can help you secure the very best talent, please contact our office.

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Our candidates – the recruiting process

New Line SR has an extensive network of potential candidates available, which come from many different sources. This includes but is not limited to resourcing via several online databases, our own extensive in house database, an established referral network, advertised selection and head hunting. After an accurate brief has been taken from you, we match to this to create a longlist. We then create a further shortlist and approach all candidates on that list to achieve a resolution as to their interest in the role. Every candidate is contacted and informed about your role prior to being sent across to you as a potential applicant, but only if they meet the benchmark against the other candidates in the frame.

Executive search

An extremely pro-active, confidential and targeted solution, for the most difficult to fill vacancies.

This approach is best used where the role to be filled requires a person with skills that are in extremely short supply or when working with our client to confidentially approach specific candidates.

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We offer a number of tailored advertising solutions to meet our clients’ needs. The choice of which depends entirely upon the role or roles being recruited for and the exposure required.

The most popular solution is unbranded advertising, where a consultant at New Line SR will advertise on several job boards and on social media without charge to the client. The consultant will then manage this response throughout the life of the advert’s run, which is one month as default, only submitting any candidates that apply who fully meet the brief and the established benchmark.

Other chargeable options include branded advertised selection, marketing the roles via trade press and marketing via national press.